What’s the Best Way to Coordinate a Patterned Stocking with Conservative Workwear?

Staying professional in the office doesn’t have to mean sticking to a monotone palette. At times, you may want to add a bit of fun and color to your work wardrobe. Patterned stockings can provide that subtle pop of style that makes your outfit pop without compromising the professionalism of your look. The key lies in knowing how to coordinate these bold pieces with your conservative workwear.

Selecting the Right Patterned Stocking

Before you start experimenting with patterns, it’s crucial to understand the basics of choosing the right stocking. Not all patterns will work for every outfit, so you’ll need to be selective. The right pairing can enhance your overall look, while the wrong choice could make your outfit appear disjointed.

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When selecting a patterned stocking, consider factors such as the color scheme of your outfit, the style of your clothing, and the occasion. For instance, a polka dot stocking might pair well with a simple black dress for a business meeting, while a floral pattern could add a stylish touch to a more casual office outfit.

Patterned stockings

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The best patterns for office wear are often subtle. They should add visual interest to your outfit without overwhelming it. Consider choosing patterns that mirror other elements of your outfit to create a cohesive look.

Pairing with the Right Dress

Once you’ve chosen your stockings, the next step is to pair them with the right dress. This part can be tricky, as you’ll need to balance the boldness of your stockings with the simplicity of your dress.


Monochromatic dresses often work best with patterned stockings, as they provide a blank canvas that allows your stockings to shine. On the other hand, if your dress has a pattern, it should not clash with your stockings. The patterns should either be very similar or significantly different, so they don’t compete for attention.

If you want to be bold, don’t be afraid to experiment with color. However, take care to ensure that the colors in your outfit coordinate properly. A good rule of thumb is to stick to one or two main colors and use others as accents.

Opting for the Right Shoes

Shoes are an important part of any outfit, and they can either make or break your look. When wearing patterned stockings, it’s important to choose shoes that complement your look without overpowering it.


Neutral-colored shoes are typically a safe bet, as they won’t clash with your stockings. However, a pop of color can create an interesting contrast if done right. If you’re unsure, try experimenting with different color shoes and see what looks best.

One thing to consider is the style of the shoes. Heels can add elegance to your outfit, while flats might make it look more casual. Again, the choice depends on the occasion and the rest of your outfit.

Coordinating with Other Clothing Items

In addition to your dress and shoes, other items of clothing can also impact the overall look of your outfit. For instance, your top or blouse should coordinate with your stockings.


When choosing a top to wear with patterned stockings, opt for something simple and in a color that complements your stockings. A white blouse is a versatile option that usually works well.

Similarly, if you’re wearing a skirt with your stockings, make sure it’s not too short. A skirt that hits at or just above the knee is a good choice for a professional setting.

Finalizing the Look with Accessories

Finally, don’t forget to add accessories to your outfit. They can help tie all the elements of your outfit together and complete your look.


When choosing accessories, keep in mind the overall style and color scheme of your outfit. For example, if your stockings and dress are in cool tones, choose accessories in similar tones.

Also, consider the scale of your accessories. If your stockings are the main focal point of your outfit, opt for smaller, less flashy accessories to avoid overwhelming the look.

Remember, the key to pulling off patterned stockings in a professional setting is balance. By carefully coordinating your stockings with the rest of your outfit, you can create a look that’s both stylish and suitable for the office.

Harmonizing with the Right Jacket or Sweater

The third element that can greatly influence your outfit when wearing patterned stockings is your choice of outerwear. Be it a jacket or a sweater, this piece should harmonize with the rest of your outfit.


Think of your jacket or sweater as the frame for your outfit. It should complement, not compete with, your patterned stockings. When choosing an outerwear piece, consider the cut, the color and the fabric. A classic blazer in a neutral color can be the perfect accompaniment to a pair of patterned stockings.

If your stockings are the star of your outfit, opt for a simple, clean-cut jacket or blazer. Avoid overly decorative or colorful jackets that could steal the spotlight from your stockings. On the contrary, if your stockings are on the subtler side, a statement jacket might just be the touch your outfit needs.

Additionally, keep seasonality in mind. Heavier fabrics like wool or tweed are great for winter, while lighter materials are better suited for the warmer months. Regardless of the season, make sure your outerwear coordinates with your stockings and the rest of your outfit to create a cohesive look.

Nailing the Look with Perfect Hair and Makeup

To truly nail the look, consider how your hairstyle and makeup can complement your outfit.

Hair and Makeup

Your hairstyle should be in line with your overall look. If you’re going for a classic, conservative look, consider wearing your hair down in loose waves or a simple, sleek ponytail. Conversely, if your outfit is on the bolder side, a chic top knot or edgy pixie cut might be the way to go.

Makeup can also play a big role in how your outfit comes together. If your stockings are bold and colorful, consider keeping your makeup simple and neutral. A natural-looking base, subtle eye makeup and a nude lip can balance out the boldness of your stockings. On the other hand, if your stockings are more understated, you might choose to play up your makeup with a bold lip or smoky eye.

When it comes to coordinating patterned stockings with conservative workwear, remember it’s all about balance and harmony. Every element of your outfit, from your dress to your makeup, should work together to create a cohesive, stylish and office-appropriate look. Experiment with different combinations until you find what works best for you and your personal style.

From the boardroom to the break room, patterned stockings are a fun and fashionable way to add a touch of personality to your work wardrobe. So go ahead and give them a try – you might be surprised at just how versatile they can be!

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